Your weekly reminder to back up your data, update software and otherwise pay attention to your digital environment. (Oh, and to head to the CRASH Space meeting…)

Welcome to a Fifth Tuesday of the month!

I am going to interrupt the regular spiel so we can all take a moment of silence for the hours we’ve lost to trouble shooting Calendar Issues in programing. OMG. It’s so dumb!!! If you ever need to figure out [what all the Tuesdays are in a year](, or [how many Tuesdays are in each month](, [is today Tuesday](, or if [any old date is a Tuesday](… well, thank goodness other people’s code have made that easier over the years, but yuck. Time. It just keeps on slipping.

The lack of regularity has made it a challenge to figure out what to have, if anything for a “Zone 5.” What, if anything, needs to be done at such strange intervals? My answer? Taking a break. Taking a break is what needs to happen erratic intervals. So just do the basics, and the couple of things mentioned in the learn section (RESET YOUR ROUTER) and enjoy a lighter week.

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Weekly Basics

  • Check that backup systems are actually running. (more)
  • Update main computer(s), phone(s) and tablet(s). (more)
  • Clean out and reset wallet/purse/laptop bag/vehicle. (more)
  • Put any straggling passwords/secure info into password manager, Spend some time updating flagged passwords. (more)
  • What neglected inbox will you check today? (more)

This Week’s Focus: Take a break

  • Don’t need to do more than the basics this week… well do check the news below!


News and Updates

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