Your weekly reminder to back up your data, update software and otherwise pay attention to your digital environment. (Oh, and to head to the CRASH Space meeting…)

And we roll around to the beginning again, Zone 1, “Connectivity,” focusing on how we get on to the internet in the first place. Some of these tips will make more sense if you have a better sense of how the internet works.

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Weekly Basics

  • Check that backup systems are actually running. (more)
  • Update main computer(s), phone(s) and tablet(s). (more)
  • Clean out and reset wallet/purse/laptop bag/vehicle. (more)
  • Put any straggling passwords/secure info into password manager, Spend some time updating flagged passwords. (more)
  • What neglected inbox will you check today? (more)

This Week’s Focus: Connectivity

  • Any new ISP choices available to you? Hassled your elected officials lately about that? (more)
  • If you’ve rolled your own VPN, update it. (more)
  • Reboot your router. (more)
  • Double check firewall settings (more)
  • Update antivirus software (more)
  • Make sure HTTPs everywhere is fully enabled. (more)
  • Spend a little time learning how the internet works. (more)


News and Updates

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So I was going to post about the multi-hour long box fan videos on YouTube and on Amazon (Affiliate link Non-affiliate link) but then Laughing Squid posted about BBC Earth posting a 10 hour video of underseas footage (according to the comments it’s a loop) from Blue Planet II… and well… burbling bubbles and stingrays for the win.