Your weekly reminder to back up your data, update software and otherwise pay attention to your digital environment. (Oh, and to head to the CRASH Space meeting…)

Zone 4 this week. “Leave it Better,” focusing on making sure your own projects are in order, like they’re using HTTPS. I’m adding a task to this zone. One way to improve your projects might be to consider using Docker. Daryll is teaching a class… TOMORROW!!!

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Weekly Basics

  • Check that backup systems are actually running. (more)
  • Update main computer(s), phone(s) and tablet(s). (more)
  • Clean out and reset wallet/purse/laptop bag/vehicle. (more)
  • Spend some time adding passwords to your password manager and updating flagged passwords. (more)
  • Wipe down your main devices, physically! (more)
  • What neglected inbox will you check today? (more)

This Week’s Focus: Leave it Better

  • Survey your domain. Patch ‘em up or shut ‘em down. Better off than a bot. (more)
  • Spend some time today learning your industry’s best practices. (more)
  • If you found a security problem in one of your projects, tell people. Don’t be embarrassed. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s how they get fixed that matter. (more)
  • Maintain and clearly communicate healthy boundaries. Don’t allow poison at your pot luck. (more)
  • If you’ve found a security flaw in someone else’s project, speak up safely. (more)
  • If you’ve found a security flaw speak up KINDLY and with attention to detail. Community, it can be the best thing and the worst thing. Which one it is, is up to us. (more)


News and Updates

Where do you scan for news, include a politics update!

    • I’m going to double down on Bruce Schneier‘s new book Click Here to Kill Everybody (Author Page Affiliate Link). I bought it at the airport the other day and so far I think it would actually be pretty good for a smart motivated humanities major, which has been missing. It’s adamant about the problems without sounding like a ganglion of conspiracy theories.
    • I’m going to call out one of my favorite newsletters again today: SANs Newsbites


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